is formed by group of shareholder :

  Toyota Tsusho Cooperation, Japan
  Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and
  Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Limited, Japan.

  We not only have distributed Toyota cars but
  also provide customer with the complex after
  sale service so that the customers would get
  the convenient service along their cars' age.

  CALL CENTER : 66(2)553-2233

  Head Office
  TEL : 66(2)553-2222
  FAX : 66(2)553-2223
  Wattcharapol Branch
  TEL : 66(2)519-9000
  FAX : 66(2)519-9100

  Service Office
  Open MON-SAT 07.00-19.00
  SUN 08.00-17.00
  Sales Office
  Open MON-SAT 08.00-19.00
  SUN 09.00-18.00

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Customer Reration Section

is formed by group of shareholder :

“ Toyota Tsusho Cooperation, Japan ” ,
“ Toyota Tsusho ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.” and
“ Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Limited, Japan.”

We not only have distributed Toyota cars but also provide customer with the complex after sale service so that the customers would get the convenient service along their cars’ age.
  Company Name : Toyota LibraCo.,Ltd.
    : Toyota Dealer and After Sales Service
  Estabishment : 17 th December, 2003
  Authorized Capital : BTH 374,900,000
  Company Share Holder : Toyota Tsusho ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd.(51.0%)
    : Toyota Tsusho Cooperation (Japan) Co.,Ltd.( 44.8%)
    : Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Limited, Japan. (4.2%)
  Staff : 160 ( April 2009 )
  Address : 650 Prasoet manukit Road, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230
  Tel No. : 0-2553-2222
  Fax : 0-2553-2223
    Toyota dealer is not only the place for selling and buying cars.Customers’ determination to get the service at one dealer is as important as making up their mind to choose one car model or buying place.Even though how well the car is , the maintenance, repair, replacement, customer care and after sale service seem to be necessary factors that help you to have confidence and safety driving. We are “Toyota Libra” who provides staffs to take care you with unique superior service by

In 2004 Toyota Tsusho has invested and managed 68 dealers over the world, achieved sale capacity at 40,000 cars. In addition, Tsusho sets the target to extend their branches to be 230 places and get to be the biggest group of dealers in the world within the year 2010
  Toyota Libra are transmitted the service knowledgeand skills from

“Toyota Corolla Hachinohe (Japan)”

who is the well-know dealers in service ability.Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Limited is a brand new cars and secondhand cars dealer. They also provide the customers with parts and accessories, body and paint workshop,complex car service. Toyota Corolla Hachinohe Limited is one of ten companies in “Tsukahara” group which has been increased their business and get highly successfulas they continuously receive many dealer awards from Toyota Motor Cooperation, Japan for 18 years since the year 1995.